Well, here I sit in my house in Ann Arbor, typing out a post for you crazy Charisma Arts cats. I’m back from a trip across the planet. I talked my talks in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Honolulu, along with a few side trips and two Conversation Camps. 7 hotels, 14 flights, 22 bags of chips, a pot of coffee administered intravenously and karaoke with Curtis and the Hawaiian Funky Bunch. Ever wonder what its like to sit through one of my talks? Well, the first question I asked in Australia was, “Which is better, the movie Iron Man or Batman?”

Answer: Iron Man, clearly.

I had to order the Batman people out of the room. Seriously, if you’re trying to seduce the opposite sex be Tony Stark (Iron Man). He’s fun, confident and sexy, if I do say so my hetrosexual-self. If you invited Bruce Wayne to your party he’d just brood in the corner before leaving out a back window without saying goodbye.

My wife finally gave me the go ahead to be Tony Stark for halloween.  Yes, I do wear the pants in this relationship, just the pants she picks out for me.  And I AM STILL A BAD ASS WOMANIZER - just to be clear about that, ahem.

Anyhow, the talks did finally arrive at the topics of seduction, picking up the hotties, connecting and conversation for the enlightened man. I took questions and gave back in kind. I noticed many guys are still looking for the way of sureness. They want a technique whereby they are guaranteed success but required to take no risk. I had to slap a few of them. And these were Australian rugby players so I had to slap and run, slap and run, slap and run.

Charisma Arts method or Juggler method or whatever you want to call it that this company, website, the instructors and myself are powered by is not a sure-fire method for picking up the hotties that involves no risk. If you believe that success is possible with no downside then I got a Condo in Stockton, California to sell you.

My method… which should be your method IMO, is akin to playing poker at a professional level. To be a good poker player you have to occasionally go all in. You push your chips into the middle, throw down your cards and you either win or you lose. Any professional will tell you that if you’re unwilling to take calculated risks then you should stick to shuffle board.

In our method, you have to be willing to take a few medium risks (escalations) and at least one largish risk (statement of your intention). Without risk there’s no gain. Shakespeare was wrong. All the world is not a stage. It’s a poker table.

What now?

Sign up for my Conversation Camp and I will teach you how to plan, implement and take intelligent risks in order to make your way boldly through this world. Other than that, your assignment is to write some comments to this Blog telling the Charisma Arts family and me what interesting risks you have taken with the opposite sex.