Is the ’Charisma Arts?" better than method [x]? Nothing’s better or worse, only what works for you. If you are naturally a good performer or very engaging, you can make a lot of things work for yourself. But we presume you want something more natural. We teach you how to be a cool guy who is fun to talk with and who radiates that strong yet friendly presence that women find irresistible - a guy who knows how to lead. Men who like our method like it because, once mastered, it makes it easy to have a large social network and to vibe with women.

I want to register for a bootcamp that’s only days away. Is there enough prep time? Our goal prior to an event is to prepare you for what you’re going to learn. Think of it as a 15-minute warmup, rather than rigorous cardio. You can get through the exercises in about a day. You will also want to allocate about 2 hours for reviewing the eBook and 3 hours for the DVD. We waste no time during the Friday afternoon session, so it is important that you have a decent conceptual understanding of the material. But there is no need to overprepare or spend weeks doing approaches before coming to work with us. Two of our best former clients, one of whom occasionally assists with instruction, both registered within three days of their bootcamps.

Which event should I take first or at all? Each social interaction has three components: opening it and making it a platonic interaction, escalating from platonic to personal, and, if it is in the cards, escalating from personal to intimate. Charisma Arts teaches men how to quickly and effectively manage all three components. At the Charisma Seminar, you will learn, in great depth, the theory to master social interactions. It is a great course for people who either already have practice in the field and want to add new technique and attitude to their skillset, or for those who are new to the world of social dynamics and who want a thorough introduction. The Charm School is our flagship event that focuses on all three components, and includes field time and classroom time. It is ideal for most clients who are specifically interested in learning how to meet and attract women. The Conversation Camp is tactically focused on the first two stages of the interaction, with its primary focus being how to make conversations personal and memorable. Clients will get exceptional feedback in a controlled environment, and it is our best vehicle by which to refine and perfect your general social skills and calibration.

I am short/tall/fat/skinny/balding/a shih-tzu. Will this work for me? If you are a shih-tzu, you are too cute for us. If you are anything else, let’s keep talking. Being attractive is not only about your appearance. There are other things that women find attractive - most significantly, your social skills. Are Ed Norton, Bruce Willis, or Kevin Spacey good looking in the way Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom are? Most women would say no, but most women also find them incredibly attractive. Yes, there are things you can do to help your appearance - check out our forthcoming style guide. One way or the other, you can go through life believing that your appearance is holding you back, or you can spend one weekend breaking that completely false idea.

I don’t want a new personality - I like me. How will you change me? We hope that you’ll like yourself and your life better, and that you won’t see women as a challenge, but as a joy. How open is your mind to learning? A lot of people say that they want to change, but are unable to put their egos and their bad habits aside. Changing this part of your life is like learning a new golf swing. You’re going to learn some new things that feel kind of funny at first, but after six months, you’ll be hitting the long balls. Coaches are there to help you along the way. It is the most amazing feeling in the world when it clicks. Like Shakyamuni overcoming Mara and achieving Nirvana, and the resultant songbirds and flowering lotus blossoms.

What if I just want a girlfriend? We like girlfriends. Some of us are in relationships. But, we’re in relationships because we want to be in them. Our girlfriends are cool. They are the women we we chose to be with because we have the skills to chose. You want to say the same about yourself. Most guys who are relationship-dependent are that way because they feel like they can’t get anyone better. When you know that you have the choice to be in the relationships you’re in, you don’t put up with the bad ones, and you appreciate the good ones even more.

Look, I absolutely must work with Juggler! I demand nothing but! Juggler works with select clients on a case-by-case basis for Private Instruction, and of course leads the Conversation Camp. The best way to start is to develop a relationship with him over some phone coaching sessions and determine if you would be well-suited to work with him.

Is Private Instruction right for me? We rarely advise first-time clients to spend their time and money on private instruction. The group setting in which our Charm School bootcamps take place is a far better atmosphere for learning the structure and theory of what we teach, since it is, by nature, a social event. You will learn just as much from the camraderie and exposure to other clients as you will from us (or close, at least), and you will have several coaches to give you feedback. Private Instruction is best for clients who have already completed several phone coaching sessions with a coach, or who have taken a past event with us and are looking for ultimate refinement.

I’m totally new to all of this. Is a bootcamp for me? Clients who have never approached a woman in their lives are usually a mixed set. For some of them, it is simply a matter of opening their eyes to the possibilities. For others, it is major work to get them comfortable approaching women. It really comes down to approach anxiety and how quickly you can get past it to focus on the real skill-building that is our specialty. With all of that said, we believe that someone who is just getting back into the game (or getting into it for the first time) will tremendously benefit from the right instruction. Many “newbies” tend to gravitate towards bootcamps that advocate routines, but ask anyone who has been in this long enough, and they will tell you that routines are training wheels and that where you end up is with a “natural” style of approach. We get you moving in the right direction at the start so that you don’t need the training wheels.

I’m a student/marine/olympian/communist/etc. Can I have a discount? No. Our prices are structured to accomodate our travel expenses and still make this incredibly hard job worthwhile for our coaches. While we respect the individual situations and accomplishments of all of our clients, we cannot give discounts on our live events.

What if I’m under the legal drinking age? Sadly, we cannot accept younger lads for our Charm School Bootcamp. A good portion of your evenings will take place in venues that feature drinking. If you are under the legal drinking age, you register for one of our programs, and are unable to get into an evening venue, we will not refund your money for our event. However, we still want to work with you. Our suggestion is that you sign up for phone coaching, and once you have made a connection with one of our instructors, set up a private instruction workshop. At mid-week events in Ann Arbor, we can still get into many bars where you will not be carded. Of course, we will not allow you to drink, but we don’t recommend that anyways.

Does the cost of an event include lodging, food, etc.? Should I have extra money? Our event prices cover only our fees; clients are responsible for airfare, accomodations and food. We can typically recommend hotels to accomodate any budget. For our Charm School bootcamps, you should plan on bringing a bit of extra spending cash, but we will not be going to any venues with excessive cover charges - $100 cash should cover your variable costs for a weekend.

How much fun are the events? Take five barrels of monkeys and release them into Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Kanye West as a co-host, and then multiply that by infinity, to the depths of forever. We make sure that our Bootcamps are the right blend of instruction and camraderie, and we’re sure that you will make long-lasting friendships.

Sounds good, but I’d like to speak to someone before registering We’re happy to speak to you - it is a big investment, and we want to make sure that you’re fully committed to it. Every now and then, someone asks if we have a physical office where they can stop by, hang out, get to know us; the answer to that is no. However, if you’d like to set up a phone call with Rob to discuss where you are in life, if this is the right thing for you, etc., we’re more than happy to arrange it - please send an email at to us at info@charismaarts.com and suggest a few good times to reach you and a number to contact you.