About Us

Charisma Arts is devoted to helping you  understand the subtleties of love, sex and conversation through our articles, seminars and private instruction. We pride ourselves on the creativity and sexiness of our ideas.

We’ve been featured on the American ABC television program Nightline and Channel Four in the UK. We’ve been written about in Reuters, Time Out New York and Urban Daddy.

You can reach us by calling +1 (424)-241-0753 or email info@charismaarts.com


Wayne Elise is the creative director of Charisma Arts. He was a character in, and contributing author to, the New York Times best-selling book The Game under the moniker Juggler. He was host of the UK Channel Four television program Seduction School. He’s made guest appearances on the long-standing British Television show Ready Steady Cook, the Bravo Television series Welcome to The Parker and is featured in an episode of SexTV: Charmed and Dangerous: Training the Modern Casanova

Wayne has written for Esquire and Blender magazines. He keeps a blog on the Psychology Today website but rarely updates it.

Wayne worked as a street-performer and comedy juggler before starting Charisma Arts.

When he’s not working with clients Wayne can be found having adventures with his wife Erika and writing about them for the Charisma Arts website. His IMDB profile can be found here. You can follow him on Twitter here.


Erika Elise is a design graduate of Universidad Latina de México S.C. and is responsible for the art and graphics you see on the Charisma Arts website. She is a Pilates expert, self-trained chef specializing in healthy dishes and an occasional fashion model.

She worked formerly as a graphic designer at a graphic design firm in New York City which specialized in global Latin brands.

Erika has lived and traveled many places but calls herself a New Yorker. That’s where she met Wayne in 2011. She lives with Wayne in Los Angeles.

You can read more about how Wayne and Erika met in Wayne’s article Empire State of Mind.


Ben Adams has honed his charisma as a musician, competitive public speaker, professional services consultant and social coach.  He views meeting new people as an opportunity for self expression and connection and he brings this attitude to his work as a trainer in helping others achieve their goals in business, socializing and dating.

Since first training with Charisma Arts in 2006 he has diligently put our conversational philosophy into action in his life and has seen his personal and professional relationships become more vibrant and satisfying than ever.

Ben’s style as an approach instructor is particularly suited for those who are looking for communication training which helps them in both their private and professional lives. His experience has proven to him that most people and organizations eventually change their goals to match their behavior rather than changing their behavior to achieve their goals. That’s why he focuses on helping students find clear, actionable steps to get the results they’re looking for.